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'Studio 12' to Discuss Rebirth of Juneteenth in Five Points


Denver, CO- In anticipation for this year’s Juneteenth celebration in Five Points, “Studio 12” on KBDI-TV channel 12 will air a show discussing the history and current development of Juneteenth.

After the absence of Juneteenth last year, this year the theme is the “rebirth” of the celebration in the Five Points community. The event was cancelled last year due to some unexpected circumstances.

Host Tamara Banks and panelists will be on air live and will be available for any questions or comments about the celebration. “Studio 12” will air Wednesday, June 11, at 8 p.m.

For additional information about this program, contact KBDI producer Heather Domko at 303-991-5026


Additional Contacts: Brittany Hammond or Marcia Simmons, 303-489-4012


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